Beware: Text from bank could be fraud

While sitting at dinner in Tirana last night with an Albanian friend, I noticed my cell phone light it up. It was a text message from JP Morgan Chase asking me to call immediately about recent activity on my account. My first instinct was to call, but then I thought for a second, and realized I hadn't used the card here. I suspected it was a scam, so waited until I got back to my hotel room, and dialed the phone number on the back of my card for contacting the bank from overseas. I got through immediately, and was told I was the 23rd person to call so far, reporting the same text. People who called the number were asked for the experation dates on their cards.

It was a good reminder that a bank never uses e-mail or a text to notify a customer of a  problem. They always call. If you get as similar message or text about your credit card, call your bank.

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