City Island: The Nantucket of New York

                                                 City Island, The Bronx

If you haven't seen the movie "City Island," do try to catch it. We saw it today and loved it. The story of a family living in a quaint fishing village in the Bronx was a humorous tale about the secrets they all keep from each other. It brought back memories of the real City Island, a unique New  York City destination few know about. 

City Island is a historic seafaring community with waterfront promenades and a quaint main street, seafood restaurants and little cottages on the edge of New York City in a borough known for its housing projects and run-down tenements.
If you're puzzled, take the No. 6 train north from Manhattan to the last stop at Pelham Bay Park, transfer to Bus BX 29 and cross a causeway over a 100-year-old bridge onto a 1.5-mile-long patch of land in the western end of Long Island Sound.   Click here to read more about it and see more photos
You might like it well enough to spend the night. If so, there's Le Refuge B&B in a historic home that also houses a fine French restaurant. Check in here, walk around the town and you'll feel as though you've been transported to the French or English countryside, all just a few subway stops from Manhatten.

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