"Amazing Race'' to Iceland

Representatives from Icelandair will be giving away a free trip to Iceland and other destinations in Europe every day for three days, starting Thursday, Oct. 11 in Seattle in an "Amazing Race'' type contest that requires contestants to follow clues to be revealed on Facebook and Twitter.

Those who “like” Icelandair on Facebook, and “follow” Icelandair on Twitter will receive clues as to where that day’s tickets can be found in addition to that day’s password. The first person to arrive at the location and reveal the password will win a trip to Iceland or one of more than 20 destinations where the airline flies in Europe.

To celebrate it's third year of non-stop service between Seattle and Iceland, the airline and Iceland Naturally will be hosting "Reykjavik Calling," a music competition, with performances by Iceland bands teamed with Seattle musicians. The winners will be sent to Iceland to perform at this year’s the Iceland Airwaves music festival.

Details and information here

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