Jelly beans to jerky, TSA covers it all

Are you one of those travelers who can’t leave home without jam, Jell-O or Jergens skin cream?

Unless you’re taking 3.4 ounces or less — the limit for liquids/jells in carry-on bags — pack them in your checked bags this holiday season, or risk leaving them behind.

Jelly beans, jerky or jalapeƱos? No problem stowing those in your carry-on. Same goes for key lime pie, chocolate raisins and chopsticks.

This according to the Transportation Security Administration’s new, free “My TSA’’ mobile app that includes an alphabetized guide to what types of gifts, gear and goodies travelers can bring with them in carry-on and checked bags.

Whoever thought this one up must have had an appetite. More on this and other holiday travel advice in my Travel Wise column for The Seattle Times. 

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